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Instead of Practicing “Social Distancing…”


Instead of getting frustrated with all the moronic behavior over the biggest hoax in history – the Kung Flu Farce – you sometimes need to let things run their course.

Poetic justice is often served in ways you couldn’t imagine.

I’m referring to a recent order by New York city Mayor, Bill de Blasio – affectionately referred to by many New Yorkers as Mayor Putz – who publicly told everyone to snitch on each other for not practicing “Social Distancing.”

He told New Yorkers to use their phones and take pictures of people violating “social distancing” and send them to his personal “snitch line.”

Needless to say, that New Yorkers responded in a way that only New Yorkers could get away with.

Within a few days, Mayor Putz’s snitch line backfired and was overwhelmed with people sending pictures of giving him the finger and (if you’ll pardon the expression) “dick picks” with notes saying “Hey, DeBlasio, social distance this.”



Ironically (or NOT) the vast majority of the pics were obscenity laced memes and/or references comparing de Blasio with Hitler.

I find this very encouraging in that people are waking up to the totalitarian mindset that’s trying to weasel its way into our culture…all because of a virus that’s turning into the biggest hoax in history.

Buffoons like de Blasio are symptomatic of megalomaniacs who insist on controlling you and violating your Constitutional rights (Cough! Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Cough! Hairball Cough!).

And this totally egregious lockdown policy – to control the spread of the Kung Flu – has been proven false by the country of Sweden, who didn’t quarantine anyone.

Ironically (or NOT) their numbers of infections and deaths are no different than the rest of the world.

So, what does that tell you?

To me it says that instead of “Social Distancing” – which effectively says DON’T TRUST ANYONE – we should be looking at ways to heal our nation from the psychological trauma inflicted upon us by For Profit Organizations like WHO, the CDC, and their financial backers (Gates, Soros, elitists leftists, Dr. Fart, etc.).

When we, as a nation, shift from the hysteria/paranoid mindset into the healing process, we’ll be on the road to returning to normal.

Many thanks to you, all of our readers/subscribers, for your ongoing support and encouraging words about our daily posts.

You’re the reason we’re Not Just About Finance.

And thank you, New Yorkers, for setting the tone by exposing another hypocrite.









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