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Inflation, Unemployment and Gasoline Lies

Once again Wall Street’s sanctimonious hypocrisy is on full display as they play along with the O’Biden Administration’s inflation, unemployment, and gasoline lies.

After changing the definition of inflation – days before the GDP information was released – Treasury Secretary – and former FED chairman – Mrs. Doubtfire (Janet Yellen) preached that we are NOT in a recession.


Instead, she said: “US economy is simply in a state of transition. …adding:

“We know there are challenges ahead of us. Growth is slowing globally. Inflation remains unacceptably high, and it’s this administration’s top priority to bring it down.”

If that’s true then I have a question for Mrs. Doubtfire.

How could driving down inflation be the top priority when the president is continuing to deny domestic energy production while spending recklessly?

I won’t hold my breath for an answer.

But it’s becoming more obvious that they’re afraid to let the truth be known.


Because they know the truth will cause a mass panic if they admit that the US is in a recession.

And, as if on cue, Wall Street plays right along with the Boyz in DC keeping the markets strong.

However, they also know that they’ll be the first to sell ahead of the crowd (as usual) when reality sets in.


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Counting the Inflation, Unemployment and Gasoline Lies

What’s insulting is how Stinky Joe is claiming that he’s created more jobs than anyone.

At the same time, he’s forgetting (as usual) that his Covid policies are what displaced most workers in the first place.

And he wants you to believe that the rise in gasoline from $2 to over $5 – and then coming down a mere $0.50 – is a good thing.

At the same time, he ignores that the CPI (Consumer Price Index) hit 9.1% in June…a 40-year high.

Translation:  Inflation is overpowering any wage gains.

And let’s not forget how the supply chain is still strained.

Meanwhile, FED reserve chairman, Jerome Powell covered up the recession lie last week stating how the economy is performing well.

These morons are clueless as to how the average American is struggling to make ends meet.

They treat us like peasants expecting us to believe their lies about inflation, unemployment and gas prices.

And it will come back to haunt them soon.

Learn how to prepare for the inevitable backlash by reading our August edition of “…In Plain English” (HERE).

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