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Justice on Wall Street Means “Just-Us”

In the past you’ve heard me rant about the exclusive “Club” operating behind the scenes of Wall Street.  And I’m not referring to the 1% that the Presstitutes so often refer to.

The “Club” is made up of the 0.001% of banksters/politicians that have been in bed together for over 100 years.

They operate above the law and get away with murder (literally) while avoiding prosecution for criminal acts that would send you or me to jail.  The reason they get away with it is because they’ve designed the Justice system in America around “Just-Us” (themselves).

How do they do it?

They use their bribery influence to strategically place high level executives in powerful political positions (Cough! Goldman Sachs, Hairball Cough!) to protect the other “Club” members.

Case in point:  Since the global melt-down of 2008, not one high level Wall Street executive has gone to jail.  What’s worse is, none have ever been brought up on charges let alone gone to trial.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Their “Just-Us” group doesn’t only protect themselves.  They destroy anyone who poses a threat to their existence.

This is nothing new so why do I bring it up now?

Glad you asked.

Our laws are quietly being changed/altered to protect “Club” members from the imminent Pension Crisis in America and Europe.

They know it’s coming because they’ve allowed caused it to happen.

What really makes me mad is when the wheels come off the car and panic sets in, these sanctimonious hypocrites will say: “I’m shocked, I tell you…Shocked!  Who could have foreseen this happening?”

Don’t be “Shocked” when this happens.

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