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As Pelosi Tai’s One On in Taipei


Once again, the O’Biden Administration has created another all-encompassing distraction from today’s realities as House Speaker – and America’s favorite stock-trading granny & Helen of Troy – Nancy Pelosi Tai’s one on in Taipei.

This, my dear readers, is all bluff and bluster.

Because no war is starting here despite how we might all cheer the downing of that plane.

On the Chinese side, this grand show is intended to rev up the troops while rallying the people around Xi.

And on the US end it is intended to make O’Biden appear like he is a leader capable of standing against threats.


Who wants to bet there was complete agreement between Beijing and Washington before this woman’s plane ever lifted off the ground?


Consider this:

  • The US knows China is setting up a Petro/Yuan deal with OPEC.
  • The Saudis are joining BRICS soon.
  • The MIC is the enforcement arm of the Petrodollar and the Dollar based Global Financial system.
  • Therefore, the timing of this major provocation makes sense.



Kabuki Theater for the masses



To distract from the reality, we’re facing: inflation, food shortage, skyrocket fuel prices, etc.

And this is also a great cover to hide the blame on the central banks for their criminal activities.


How to Tai One On


Ask yourself these questions.


  • What is the purpose of this trip…that no one seems to know?
  • Why would the CCP shoot down Pelosi’s plane and destroy one of their greatest assets?


Maybe Pelosi’s visit is a clever ploy or part of the O’Biden Regime deal with the CCP to let China further assert its control over Taiwan and/or the South China Sea.

Or Maybe it’s a clever ploy by O’Biden’s handlers to further weaken and divide our country. (at least half the country HATES Nancy Pelosi…and wouldn’t support going to war with China over her adventures in Taiwan AND her chip investments.)


Or Maybe JUST MAYBE this entire farce – at the taxpayers’ expense – is a way to secure more insider trading for Pelosi’s husband before China takes over Taiwan…which controls 75% of the world’s computer chip supply.

So, no matter what you think, this trip doesn’t pass the smell test.

And nothing positive (for US taxpayers) could come out of it.

Read:  China’s Inevitable Invasion of Taiwan  May 3, 2022

What we do know is the loss of confidence in government is accelerating.

So, learn how to avoid this inevitable train wreck in our August issue of “…In Plain English” (HERE).

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