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Greedy Banksters Prove Global Warming Fraud

Last week we were showing some friends (Marshall, Joanne and Carl) from “up north” around the Miami and Miami Beach area.  They were blown away by the number of new skyscrapers going up along the ocean front.

I told them that the extremely high price of the real estate along the ocean proved that global warming was a fraud.

After a few chuckles, they asked for some clarification.

Here’s the short version of what I said:

“Let’s look at the best-case and worst-case scenario that the global warming crowd has to offer.  They claim the best-case is that global warming will cause the seas to rise at least ten feet in the next decade.  Worst case is 100 feet.”

“If you take the best-case scenario, that means that all of this magnificent real estate you see will be under water.”

What bank would loan money for skyscrapers or ocean front condominiums (with 30-year mortgages) knowing that their investment would be worthless in a few years due to flooding?

It would be their death warrant and they would never recover their losses.

If you were a banker and truly believed all the “climate change crap,” why would you even consider a business plan that’s doomed to fail?

We wrote about this in our December issue of Simplifying Wall Street in Plain English (HERE).

The article: “Global Warming, the Biggest Scam of the 21st Century…So Far”  explained how you can profit from the lies being told.

We also explained what sectors of the market will perform the best from this fraud…and why you need to get in on them NOW.

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