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If You Thought This Was Panic Selling…

Who yelled “FIRE” in a crowded room?

On January 26, 2018 the DOW closed at 26,616.71. (An all-time high).

Yesterday the DOW bottomed at 23,923 and closed at 24,345.  That’s a 10% drop in six trading days.

Today, after bottoming at 23,778, the market soared over 1,134 points to close at 24,912.77.  (The DOW closed out 2017 at 24,719 so it appears January was a non-event/sarc)

This roller coaster ride is just getting started so, tighten your seat belts and get ready.   As we said in our January newsletter, 2018 will redefine how you look at Volatility.  (HERE)

Tell me something.  Are you thinking, “I should’ve, could’ve, would’ve…”

Or did you BTFD?  (see BTFD  HERE)

Instead of worrying over what you did or didn’t do, you need to remind yourself of one very important thing.

Confusion, Chaos, and Panic is caused by the boyz in the “Club”…and they do it on purpose.

Remember, the majority is ALWAYS wrong.  Panic selling is how the markets constantly take advantage of your emotions.

Look back at the last six months.  How many of you complained about the dramatic rise in your portfolios?  How many of you took profits?  How many didn’t take profits because of taxes…or greed?

So, stop beating yourself up and LISTEN to the markets instead of the lame stream Media.  (The long-term upward cycle is still in play).

The selling pain is likely to continue into March…where we’ll probably establish a low in the market).

By then, you’ll hear every excuse the gurus can come up with to convince you to panic.

Go back and read our special report “Do You Make These Mistakes When Investing?”

And prep yourself for what’s coming next.  (HERE)

You’ll definitely thank us later.

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