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Europe…A Slow Motion Train Wreck

The economic deterioration of Europe is like watching a slow-motion train wreck.

The engine has already crashed into a wall and the boxcars (one by one) are crumbling behind it.

And if you haven’t been paying attention, you need to wake up to some harsh realities.  It’s like watching a trailer for a major motion picture that’s coming to a theater near you soon.

The domino effect will most likely hit Japan before us but make no doubt about it, it’s happening as we speak.

It’s been happening for years now but Europe crossed the point of no return when they allowed millions of “alleged” refugees to flood their borders.  I say “alleged” because refugees usually mean families escaping to safer places.  However, it’s been proven that most Europe’s refugees are young males who are causing problems by demanding they be taken care of for free.

This has also devastated the work force and now most countries are rebelling against Germany for allowing this to happen.  (It seems no one is paying attention to riots in Hamburg  HERE)

Ironically, the short-term effect of this is forcing money to leave Europe for safe harbor in, guess where?  That’s right…the good old USA.

It’s another reason why our markets refuse to crash like all the doomsayers are predicting.

However, what we’re now seeing in Europe should be a wake-up call so we can hopefully side-step a devastating train wreck here.

The biggest problems revolve around two serious issues.

1)  The Sovereign Debt Crisis

 2) The Pension Crisis…and Europe is the poster child for both.

We have the same problems here in America but you can act now to insulate yourself from the effects of them.

Find out how (HERE).

You’ll thank us later.


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