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Fiery, But Mostly Peaceful Protests


Wisconsin Governor, Tony Evers, is begging Trump to NOT visit Kenosha.


It’s probably the best indication of how scared the Democrats are of being held accountable.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the cities experiencing the most destruction from the violent Burn, Loot, and Murder/Antifa crowd are Democrat run.

Instead of admitting they’ve made a mistake – something politicians NEVER do – these mayors and governors lash out by saying Trump caused their cities to be destroyed.


Not only is that “stupidity on steroids” it’s a double slap (forehand/backhand) to the stupid people who voted for the idiots in the first place.

Ironically (or NOT) for those who actually think for themselves, people are finally starting to realize what we’ve been saying for years about the Whores-Of-Babble-On Presstitutes.

“In Plain English” it’s very clear that the media is now the real conspirators against “We the People.”


Example: Fiery but mostly peaceful protests

How anyone can listen to a reporter – with a city burning in the background – and believe that the protests are peaceful, gives new meaning to the word stupidity.

The next thing you know most people will believe they’re going to die from a virus that can be destroyed by simply washing your hands.

Oh, Wait!

And don’t you find it Extremely Odd that a certain political party – INCLUDING their Presidential nominee – won’t even speak out against rioting in their own cities?

This isn’t the only time in history when the media conspired against the people.

Papers like the New York Times cheered that Communism was the way of the future when Stalin was reporting the success of the Russian Revolution.

In actuality, Stalin stole all the food from Ukraine killing over 7 Million people to give the illusion that Communism was a success.

History repeats because The Passions of Man Never Changes.

Don’t be a victim of history repeating itself.

Read the September issue of “…In Plain English” and learn how to Prosper AND Thrive in Turbulent Times.

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