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Why You Are Called a Racist


Racism is probably the most misunderstood and abused word in the English language today.

And thanks to a totally corrupt bought-and-paid-for media, you’re being programmed to believe that you are a racist for thinking a certain way.

Example:  If you somehow disagree with the popular opinion of the refugee crisis (involving millions of Muslims) you, my friend, are considered a racist.

The funny part about this – which shows the stupidity of certain race baiters – is that Muslim is NOT a race.

Yet, if you object to thousands of illegal immigrants wanting to migrate to America for all the “freebies,” you are called a racist.

The thought-control police use this as a means to create more division.

This eventually descends into social unrest.  Venezuela and Turkey are classic examples.

The great migration from Europe to America originally brought people who wanted a new future.

They came here wanting to work and be productive.  Today, refugees are coming expecting welfare, handouts, and freebies that the liberal Socialist/Marxist agenda pushes.

And we’re supposed to be “tolerant” of this?


When will the productive people – whose numbers have seriously declined since the CoronaFraud – get fed up with paying for all the non-productive people?

Ironically (or NOT) the non-productive numbers are increasing?

Unfortunately, the politicians answer to this looming problem is to steal more of your money raise taxes.

Cue up Creepy Joe Biden’s pledge that he will raise your taxes.

Is it me, or does anyone else find it strange that with all the charges of racism backed by rioting, looting, destruction of property and murder (Cough! Kenosha, Wisconsin Hairball Cough!) Creepy Joe and the majority of Dumbocrats, act as if rioting is no big deal.

They’re more concerned about placing the burden on productive tax-paying citizens…And labeling anyone who disagrees with them as racists.

Eventually this disrupts our markets and our economy.

The opposition needs the “racist” labeling to divide and conquer.

Don’t take the bait.

Instead, learn what steps you should take to hedge your investments from increasing violence and social unrest (HERE).

You’ll thank us later.


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