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Facemask Fobia…Fun Fact Friday II


It’s been said that a picture paints 1,000 words.

If that’s true – and it often is – then a Meme, chart, or graph can do the same.

So, in order to validate that thought we present to you the following Gallup survey from June 29 – July 5.

Facemask usage by demographics.




As you can tell from the graphic, the top users of facemasks are overwhelmingly Democrat Females who are college graduates.

Ironically (or NOT) Male Republicans who aren’t college graduates paled in numbers by comparison.

Sorry guys, according to these numbers, the girls (democrat college grads) win again.

But what do they win?

You also have to wonder if the (uneducated) men not wanting to wear masks make up the bulk of Hillarys’ Deplorables.

Based on this reasoning you can also conclude that the winners (Democrat Female college graduates) are more likely to do what they’re told to do and not question authority.

This doesn’t fit the profile of most of the women I know.

However, surveys often present images/facts in order to get you to think a certain way.

This is another glaring example of why we constantly say, “You Should Question Everything.”


If you don’t – or are inclined to just go with the flow – you’ll eventually end up doing what you’re told.

“Just Wear the Mask” becomes “Just Take the Vaccine” then becomes “Just Get in the Boxcar.”

If this offends you, then good.

You should be offended, especially by government goons who’re exercising their unauthorized authority over you.

This is all part of the Turbulent Times we’re entering.  And it’s not showing any sign of letting up in the near future.

So, instead of being a doormat to unconstitutional policies, learn how to question everything by reading our monthly “…In Plain English” newsletter.

We teach you how to prosper AND thrive in Turbulent Times.







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