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Parasitical Political Epidemiologist Pimps


Remember when going to a Sunday buffet was something you used to look forward to?

Not anymore.

In fact, buffets have now been cast into the dustbin of history thanks to the parasitical political pimps pushing their New Green World Order.

I’m not talking about the obvious politicians here.


I’m referring to the epidemiologists who’ve skyrocketed to fame with fear mongering over any and everything we do on a regular basis.

The way they see it is, every stranger and every set of communal salad tongs have become a threat to our very existence. Buffets are a thing of the past and their very existence threatens our life.

They also claim you can catch a virus from just touching something, which now justifies ending physical money.

Think about that for a second.  After 28 centuries of using physical money, we’re somehow supposed to believe that it’s now a threat to our lives?

What’s really going on is the Socialist Dream of controlling everything is making a dent in hoarding cash.

And they’re banking on (pun intended) the reputations of epidemiologists to validate their draconian measures to control:


  • What you should do.
  • Where you can or CAN’T go.
  • What you eat.
  • Where you can worship or assemble (Unless, of course, you want to protest, riot and loot…then it’s okay).



These people have utterly destroyed civilization from sports to a simple buffet.

The invisible strings that bind society together and make it function have been snipped.  And they don’t appear to be making a comeback any time soon.

Here’s the problem we should be screaming about:  Not one of their forecasts about the CoronaFraud have been correct, let alone accurate.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Instead, the geeks in lab coats are being highly compensated to make you fear the air that you breathe.

As we continue down this road to perdition, we’re seeing a rising spirit of discontent among the silent majority who have NOT been out protesting and rioting…yet.

In the second half of 2020, The Year of Chaos, you should expect to see events – that prior to this year – that would be considered unimaginable.

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