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Global Perspective on Covid Deaths Simplified


The daily hysteria over the hourly updates of CoronaHoax deaths needs some serious perspective here.

Although the Whores-Of-Babble-On Presstitutes bombard and continue to intimidate you with the fear of death, we want to remind you of one thing.  This is NOT the Black Plague.

So, instead of our usual rant – about how the nefarious Marxist/Socialist agenda behind this fraud and how never in 6,000 years of recorded history has there ever been anything so evil perpetrated on mankind…Oops! I guess that was kind of a rant – we decided to share with you a graphic to counter hysteria/virtue wannabes.

The following chart lists the number of deaths – supposedly from Covid-19 but we know this also includes motorcycle accidents, heart attacks, cancer, obesity, etc., – from 32 countries around the world.

To level the playing field, the findings are based on the number of deaths per 1 Million of the population.

That’s about as fair as you can get.

Check it out:

(perspective on corona deaths)

Although you’re being led to believe that somehow, we live in the most dangerous place on earth – where, even if you get the virus you have a 99.5% chance of recovery – you can clearly see, the US ranks seventh.

Ironically (or NOT) China, India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan have the lowest number of deaths per million.

My point is (and has consistently been), we are being conned by the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind to usher in a New Green World Order.

It’s all about power and control.

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