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CNN Cancels Christmas?

Who gave CNN the authorization rights to cancel Christmas?

Seriously the “reporters” of the Communist News Network (CNN) drink more Kool-Aide than Jim Jones could ever possibly serve up.

Their reasons for cancelling Christmas – according to “medical analyst,” Dr. Jonathan Reiner:


  1. Declaring “we just can’t do it” because of COVID.
  2. Thanksgiving was “the mother of all super spreader events.”  
  3. “We’re going to cause needless deaths and particularly that’s among people we really care about, you know, our most vulnerable, our grandparents, our parents, our — our neighbors.”
  4. “Stay home, mask up, we’ll have a great series of holidays next year.”


Keep in mind these are the same people who previously told viewers that simply going outside and breathing could be deadly.


You just can’t make this up.

Cancel Christmas?

You can, however, ignore idiots like Reiner who want you to think everything will be better next year ONLY if we comply to their demands.

The reality is, once they convince you to cancel Christmas, it will only go downhill from there.

Why don’t they cancel Ramadan?



If you haven’t figured this out by now, let me explain it “…In Plain English.”

Christianity flies in the face of Communism.

And the Globalists behind this madness don’t want people to gather together for ANY reason, especially Christmas.

Connect the Dots here, folks.

Masking up, social distancing, and fearing your neighbor is all about divide and conquer.

Absentee Viewership

Do you know anyone who still watches CNN?

The only people still listening to CNN are the same 18% of this country that voted for Biden.

Even my liberal friends are sick and tired of them.

Ironically (or NOT) without Trump CNN will be in real trouble.  No one will get excited about cheerleading for Creepy Joe for 4 years.

So, instead of thinking you’ll kill grandma if you go to her house for Christmas, take the opposite approach by asking:

  1. How many more Christmas celebrations do you expect to have? (obviously no one knows the answer)
  2. If you give in to the pressure and cancel Christmas, will you regret it later?


Connect the Dots and see what’s happening around the world (HERE).

And stop living in fear…it’s the opposite of faith.

You’ll thank us later.

It’s Not Just About Finance.



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