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What Do You REALLY Want for Christmas

It’s hard to imagine that I’m the only one who runs into this dilemma during the holidays.

I’m talking about asking your wife/husband or kids what they want for Christmas.

See if this response sounds familiar: “What do I want for Christmas?   MMMM nothing.”  Or, “I haven’t given it much thought.”  Or…” Anything you want to get me is fine.”

None of those answers are very helpful…but they’re common.

So, when my wife (or kids) asks me what I want for Christmas, I usually reply, “a plain light blue button-down oxford dress shirt 16 ½ X 34.”

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

Ironically, no one ever gets me one.

They usually end up saying, “What do you REALLY want for Christmas?”  (As if I was joking)

So, for 2018 I want to involve all of you in a holiday survey that applies to the markets, politics, economy, and pretty much anything else that deals with the financial world.

It’s called:  What Do You REALLY Want for Christmas?

And the reason for doing this is I’ve found many of our readers to be well educated, articulate and down right funny people.

Seriously, on a regular basis, some of the comments and items you send me make great material for our monthly newsletter.

So, if you would indulge me on this experiment, simply hit the reply button on your email and give it a go.

There are no restrictions…speak freely.

I’ll give you an example.

What I personally want (besides a plain light blue button-down oxford shirt 16 ½ X 34…” are you listening, honey?”) is for Trump to de-classify FISA.

If that’s on your list then submit it as well.

Let’s have some fun this holiday season.

Send me back your request(s) before December 15th.

I promise I won’t tell Santa…or your spouse.

Hit the reply button now.

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