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Blocked, Bombarded, Berated, Because a 17-year-old…


It’s easy to tell when you’ve struck a nerve with someone when your social media accounts get blocked.

Not only was our August 28th email:  Is Kenosha Today’s Shot Heard Around the World? blocked, we were bombarded and berated because we dared to comment on how Kyle Rittenhouse’s alleged “White Supremacist” shooting spree was compared to The Shot Heard Around the World. (read it HERE)

Facebook and Instagram didn’t tell us their usual “This Post Doesn’t Meet Our Community Standards.”

Instead they sent us a message: “There was an issue with your campaign.”


Obviously, someone had an issue with it and they even blocked it from one of my own personal emails.

The same thing happened with last week’s Sunday Funnies…that featured several Kenosha/Kyle Rittenhouse memes.

So, if you didn’t get it, we apologize.

They (Facebook and Instagram) suggested that we re-establish our email settings to prevent future “glitches.”

However, they’re basically saying that censorship is alive and thriving in the social media world.

Somehow, we managed to escape censorship on Twitter – at least for the time being – so, if you’re not getting daily emails from us you might want to follow us on Twitter.  (click on the icon on our website)

Ironically (or NOT), even President Trump has taken a lot of flak for not condemning Kyle Rittenhouse.

Instead the media Jackals tore into him for saying:  “That was an interesting situation,” said Trump. “He was trying to get away from them and then they very violently attacked him.”

Are you Connecting the Dots here?

This is not about BLM/Antifa.

They’re just the puppets.

This is a full-frontal assault from the Bought-And-Paid-For Media Jackals who constantly stoke the fires of hatred and civil war in America.

If you haven’t noticed the liars lawyers involved in the Kenosha case have been eerily quiet.

They know they’re sitting on a powder keg of dynamite with a very short fuse.

See how this plays out in our September issue of “…In Plain English” HERE.

And share this with a friend…especially if they believe in the sanctity of our 2nd Amendment.

They’ll thank YOU later.


Typical right wingers meme.




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