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Why ‘Kenosha Kyle’ Will Walk Free


Is it just me or is anyone else surprised at how quiet the media is regarding the arrest and first-degree murder charges against Kyle Rittenhouse (‘The Kid’) over the Kenosha, Wisconsin shootings?

Where’s BLM/Pantifa?

You’d think by now they would be screaming “Crucify Him.”


Maybe it has something to do with Kyle’s high-powered attorney, L. Lin Wood, who said his client was hunted “As Prey” before the deadly shooting.

Ironically (or NOT), Lin has recently pointed out the following:

  • The hole in Joseph Rosenbaum’s head (See photo below) was not made by a high-powered rifle. It was made by a small caliber bullet like a .22 or .38 pistol, which ‘The Kid’ didn’t have. Evidence has surfaced showing another Antifa rioter at the scene positioned behind Rosenbaum and was firing his handgun in Rosenbaum’s direction.  Had ‘The Kid’ shot him in the head with his rifle, Rosenbaum’s head would have exploded…just like Gaige Grosskreutz bicep.  The small caliber bullet evidence should clear one murder rap.
  • Grosskreutz is clearly seen attacking ‘The Kid’ when he was shot in the arm and he even hit him prior to the gunshot. He also had his own hand gun which he transported across state lines.  So, that’s another charge gone.
  • ‘The Kid’ didn’t transport his rifle across state lines. Why?  It wasn’t his.  It was his friend’s AND in Wisconsin it’s not illegal for a 17-year-old to hold an AR15.
  • Finally, we have the last murder charge of Anthony Huber. Now ANY lawyer worth their salt is going to be able to exonerate ‘The Kid’ on this charge… especially when you have one of the best lawyers in the country.  The photo below shows Huber in the position of power, chasing down Kyle for putting out fires with an extinguisher that were started by rioters.
  • Case Closed.


Wood, and his team of lawyers, RARELY lose their high-profile cases.


Because they don’t take a case unless they KNOW they can win.

They took ‘The Kid’s case pro-bono because they KNOW based on the evidence that they will win and ‘The Kid’ will be FULLY exonerated.

Then come the lawsuits!

Politicians and public figures – who rushed to seek judgment while simultaneously defaming Kyle Rittenhouse – will be sued.

Facebook, Twitter, GoFundMe, and a host of other fake news outlets will also be sued.

Understandably so.

Maybe that’s why everyone (Cough! BLM, Cough! Pantifa, Cough!) has been so quiet lately.

The Wolves (lawyers) smell blood and this case is looking like a bloody raw steak.

You can rest assured this will carry over to the November elections.

Read more about it HERE.


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Kenosha Kyle


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