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Biden Canceled Inaugural Parade…Dozens Disappointed

Having 20,000+ troops to protect, what should be a celebration, is a reflection of fear.  As a result, Biden canceled the Inaugural Parade.

Gee, that’s too bad.

Why Biden Canceled the Inaugural Parade?


So, now it looks like we’ll see all the Biden supporters from his campaign trail – all 68 of them – show up to be protected by 20,000+ troops.

It’s hard to imagine why the most popular president-Elect in history – who had 80 million votes…LOL! – is so worried about his adoring fans.

Maybe he just doesn’t like Inaugural Parades.

Or maybe he’s worried about peaceful protesters firebombing limousines, and wearing vagina hats…Oh, wait!  That was the Dems during Trump’s inauguration…LOL!

Or maybe, just maybe this is one last vindictive way of intimidating Trump supporters before the new administration gives the green light to The Great Purge of 2021. (Read it HERE)

Unfortunately, the leftists are already showing signs of being drunk with power.

And they’ll act swiftly to push through more lockdowns, mandatory masks, and push harder for mandatory vaccines.


So, they can help Bill Gates advance his nefarious agenda to reduce and control C02…paving the way for The Great Reset.

Think I’m making this up?

And guess who is now the largest Farmland owner in America?

(Cough! Gates, Cough!)

Ironic, isn’t it?

The Great Reset tells you that You will own nothing and you’ll be happy about it” while the super-rich monopolize farmland.

Just a coincidence?

Doubt it.

There is no coincidence for these boyz.

And there’s no coincidence that the fear and desperation among the DC crowd – over the inauguration – has entered The Twilight Zone.

Be on the lookout for more false flags in the coming week.

And be ready for more volatility in the stock market.

And be sure to see what stocks we recommend you to buy on pullbacks in our January edition of “…In Plain English” (HERE).

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And tell them, It’s Not Just About Finance.

P.S. To everyone who ever called Trump a dictator…a dictator CAN’T be censored.  The one doing the censoring is the dictator.


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