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A Constant State of Agitation

Is it just me or does everyone you come in contact with seem to be in a Constant State of Agitation?

And this isn’t just limited to Liberals and Conservatives.

Maybe is has something to do with the 79 Million Trump voters who are hoping for a miracle to keep Trump in office.

Or maybe it has to do with the 42 Million who voted against Trump – and NOT for Biden – who are worried that a miracle might actually keep Trump in office.

Or maybe, just maybe, the vast majority of ALL voters are realizing that the Big Tech media Presstitutes – who scammed the election – will ultimately cause a Civil War in America.

Hopefully that won’t be the case.

However, if we descend down that path, you can point the blame on the Supreme Court.


That’s right.

If you recall, they refused to even look at the Texas lawsuit against Pennsylvania voter fraud.

As a result, they also failed to honor their commitment to defend the Constitution.

The point is when you don’t have a court that follows the Rule-of-Law, people take matters into their own hands.

In other words, violence and chaos become the norm.

More Evidence of a Constant State of Agitation

Trump supporters wrongly expected VP Pence to defend the President.

And when he didn’t, the state of agitation took on a new level.

What most people forget was that Pence was a member of Congress – and part of the DC crowd – who would never take sides against his cronies.

Instead, he chose to stab Trump in the back…along with McConnel, Graham, and multiple Republicans looking to save their political career.

And every person who voted for Pelosi’s rushed impeachment has revealed their total lack of respect for the Constitution.  Pelosi will be remembered as the vilest person to ever hold the position of Speaker of the House.

We stated earlier that the liberals have become drunk with power.  And after the inauguration they’ll move swiftly to impose new Draconian laws to flex their muscles.

Is it any wonder why everyone seems to be in a constant state of aggravation?

So, what does this have to do with the markets?


First, let’s hope we have no violent siege this week.

And second, the markets are heavily influenced by politics.  And this often presents you with opportunities of a lifetime.

Be sure to read what we suggested you buy on pullbacks in the market in our “Short and Sweet Tips” column (HERE).

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It’s Not Just About Finance.



People Like This Promote a Constant State of Agitation

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