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2020 Elections…A Referendum on Morality

A lot has been said about our 2020 election.  But very few people have commented on how it was essentially a Referendum on Morality.

Political ideology has now officially overwhelmed morality.

Case in point.

You cannot deny the fact that laws allowing newborn babies – outside of the womb – to simply die without care in the delivery room are nothing short of heinous.

And yet, over half the population voted for it.

The Big Tech Whores-Of-Babble-On presstitutes have convinced the majority of the population that “it’s my body and my choice” takes precedence over the sanctity of innocent life.

EXCEPT, of course, when it comes to someone who refuses to wear a mask.

They want you to believe that by not wearing a mask you are intentionally trying to kill other people.

But abortion is okay.

A New Referendum on Morality

Let me ask you something.  And think about it before you answer in light of what we’re living through today.

“In the last 10, 20, or even 30 years, have you ever wondered how many people you’ve killed by spreading the flu?”

Me neither.

However, the Great Reset Triumvirate (Cough! Gates, Schwab, Soros, Cough! Cough!) would have you believe you are killing others by not wearing a mask.

It’s called manipulative guilt.

And, ironically (or NOT) it plays right into their plans to decrease the population.

But how come there’s no guilt – or widespread outrage – when evidence turns up how high-profile executives, politicians, world leaders, etc. are involved in sex-trafficking and abuse of children?

(Cough! Hunter Biden’s laptop, Cough!)

And what about Jeffrey Epstein – who didn’t hang himself – and his handler, Ghislaine Maxwell’s connection to the sex-trafficking crime syndicate?

But, as the Big Tech media censors would have you believe, “There’s nothing to see here folks…move along.”

(Of the 18.4 Million reports of child sexual abuse reported in 2018, a staggering 12 Million trace back to Facebook messenger.)

Sad to say our nation’s standard of morality has been on a slippery slope for decades.

And the 2020 election results are a glaring example of how far we’ve fallen.

Over 50% of the population also voted for anarchy.

And they voted AGAINST the “Rule of Law.”

So, what does this have to do with the markets?


The loss of confidence in government wreaks havoc in the global markets.

It also presents “opportunities of a lifetime” for those with ears to hear.

Learn how to prosper AND thrive in the Turbulent Times of 2021 (HERE).

And remember, It’s Not Just About Finance.



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