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#Where’s Nancy…Enlightenment Camp?

A trending hashtag #Where’s Nancy, gained traction yesterday after her whereabouts became unknown.

So, let’s ask the question #Where’s Nancy?

And, after being a no-show in Congress she “allegedly” tried to appoint  Debbie Dingle as temporary Speaker of the House.

This was supposedly done Via Messenger.

It was immediately rejected and then Congress adjourned.

You would think that her tar-and-feather Trump attempt at impeachment would be a top priority.

As a result she would never call in sick.

So, #Where’s Nancy?

Is she in Guantanamo?


Wouldn’t that be interesting.

But from the way 2021, When the Great Reset and Food Shortages Hit Home, has started, nothing should surprise you.

And, with only 12 days into 2021 we’re witnessing more crazy events happening than anyone could ever imagine.

And yesterday the top lawyer from NPR – Michael Beller – said that Government should build “Enlightenment Camps.”

Are you ready for this???

And remove Children from Trump Supporting Homes.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the link:

Ironically (or NOT) people like this are the one’s saying Trump is deranged.

Or is Beller signaling that they already have “Camps in Place” for the purge of all the evil Trump supporters?

Or is this Top Lawyer – leeching off public money – announcing how PBS has joined the Big Tech takeover of the world’s media to enforce censorship?

Again, nothing should surprise you in 2021.

But, let’s get back to everyone’s favorite Speaker of the House.

So if, by the time you read this, Speaker Pelosi is back in action – with her desperate attempt to impeach Trump – then you must blame it all on those Wacko conspiracy theorists.

However, if she doesn’t show up soon, you must question if she have gone the way of Billionaire Jack Ma? *

(* Jack Ma – CEO of Alibaba – has been missing for over two months after openly criticizing the Chinese government…LINK HERE: )

The point is politics today is no longer Show Biz for Ugly People.

Instead, it’s starting to look like Stalin’s Great Purge.

Be sure to read How Globalists Want to Let the Purge Begin in our January issue of “…In Plain English” (HERE).

And share this with a friend who is worried about the current state of our world.

They’ll thank YOU later.

And remind them “It’s Not Just About Finance.”


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