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Racism, Eugenics and Bill Gates Sr.


Now that racism is once again headline news it’s worthy to point out how Bill Gate’s father (William Gates Sr.) was at one time the head of Planned Parenthood and an advocate of Eugenics.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was also a known Eugenicist whose goal was to “exterminate the negro population.”



The American Eugenics Society (AES) – which Bill Gates Sr. was a member – was renamed the Society for the Study of Social Biology/1972.

I guess Social Biology sounds a lot better than exterminating certain groups of people as a means of “Population Control.”

Cue up Bill Gates jr. who in 2009, called together a group of Billionaires to sell his concerns about reducing the population.  Junior has also funded the development of a microchip to implant into women as a contraceptive.  It’s another means of population control that works by remote control.

This will lead to women needing permission or permits to have children.

This whole CoronaFraud is part of Gate’s plan to control world population.

Given that his father was a prominent leader in Planned Parenthood and Eugenics, you would think someone would take time to investigate them.


Gates wants everyone to stay locked down until he creates a vaccination and make it mandatory for anyone who wants to go back into the workforce.

The big question here is (as usual) WHY?

The answer (as usual) is FOLLOW THE MONEY.

I hate to reduce all the issues in this email – racism, eugenics, population control, CoronaFraud, economic calamity, world control, etc. – but the answer nearly always goes back to who profits from this.

This is why we constantly say:  You must question everything.


The Whores-Of-Babble-On Media Presstitutes have been covering up for billionaires like Gates, Soros, and their ilk for decades.

Meanwhile they continue to commit crimes against humanity which manifest in race wars, looting, robbing and destruction of innocent people’s property.

What’s worse is, they don’t care about you and me.

Their only concern is about power and control…and they’re making it quite clear that they will stop at nothing to achieve their sinister goals.

So, what can you do about it?

You’ll need to read our June newsletter to find out.

It just might be the key to your financial survival.

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Margaret sanger and Hillary


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