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Culling the Population With Digital Heroin

As far as opioids are concerned, Big Pharma has nothing to worry about compared to the Digital Heroin that has America addicted.

We know for a fact that drug overdoses Big Pharma is linked to the killing of over 72,000 people (compared to 15,549 killed by guns) according to 2017 statistics provided by the CDC.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to pinpoint the number of deaths caused every year from addiction to “Digital Heroin.”

It’s far more sinister and deadly…and it’s being funded by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and the CIA.

In its simplest form, Digital Heroin has covered America in the form of “Holdables” (AKA smartphones, tablets, mini-computers, smart watches, Bluetooth, etc.).

And we’re addicted to them.

The creepy part is they’re leading the charge towards Artificial Intelligence by connecting our brain with our body.

Look around and see for yourself.

Nearly everywhere you go you see people with their nose buried in a holdable device.

Approximately 1/3 of babies play with phones before they walk and talk…scary stuff.

Furthermore, this is all leading to the population having microchip implants.  (Code name “implantables”)

These allow any snooping agency to track your every move.  And what’s really crazy is people are accepting this as normal.


It’s a prelude to the Mark of the Beast out of the Book of Revelation.

It starts out innocent claiming it’s good for mental health patients, children and old people.  Afterall, if your kid or grandma is microchipped, you’ll never have to worry about them getting lost.


What’s even creepier is Big Pharma now has drugs with chips in them…it’s how they know you are taking them or not.

Aldous Huxley called it in 1961:

Read more about how this is becoming a reality in our April newsletter (HERE).

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