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“You’re a Pig and a ***** Vincent…”

Well, that didn’t take long.

Monday’s post struck a raw nerve with what appears to be an easily offended snowflake.

I guess it was only a matter of time before someone’s head exploded over one of our emails.

It appears that “Shaunna” (no last name) was offended by the email titled “Declining Childbirth.”  (HERE)

In addition to calling me a pig, misogynist, and a few other words unfit to repeat, she took offense to my objection to the FREE ABORTION ON DEMAND crowd.

Isn’t it interesting how the “Witch Doctors” of Global Warming have similar philosophies to the uber-left leaning crowd who demand that we taxpayers pay for their abortions?

If anyone disagrees with them, they are usually the first to start the screaming and name calling.

Let me just say to “Shaunna” that “I agree that you have a right to express your opinion, but I can’t agree with you because if I did, then we’d both be wrong.”

At this point it’s a safe bet that Shaunna won’t be taking advantage of our Special Christmas Savings on our monthly newsletter…but don’t let that stop you (click here).

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