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Declining Childbirth = Lust for Things

The vagina hat wearing crowd will surely scream at me about this email.

But, as you may have guessed, I don’t really care what they think.

Protestors demanding FREE ABORTIONS ON DEMAND is not the kind of group that I respect.

This is not a political rant.  (Well…maybe it is…kinda…sorta)

However, this behavior eventually affects our markets.

It’s based on the idea that everything is connected.

Let’s face it, child birth is declining because we want other things.

We even rationalize the killing of our inconvenient unborn children…as being unaffordable relative to the new car, larger home or extravagant vacations.

We PRETEND children are too expensive in the same way as we pretend healthcare is too expensive.  In reality we simply prioritize them away.

Look at how much Americans spend on entertainment, and then tell me we can’t afford children.

We don’t WANT children, or we would have them.  It’s what we VALUE that defines who we are, and IF we have a future.

Here’s what’s weird.  Reducing birthrate has a lot to do with technological advancement. The more advanced the population, the less interested they are in continuing the more “primal” act of having children.  

Have you ever known someone who is a bit of a computer genius or who writes code for a living?  They often have no interest in bringing a child into this world. 

I’m not saying they’re evil.

I’m saying this is a trend that eventually leads to financial calamity.

(Japan has been the Poster Child of an aging population facing a steep decline in productivity).

This also ties in with the “secret agenda” of the Global Warming Alarmists who want to reduce the population.

Think I’m making this up?

Learn more about it HERE.

Then pass this on to a Global Warming enthusiast…and watch their head explode.

Or forward this to a friend.

They’ll thank YOU later.

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