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“Please Christmas, Don’t be Late…”

Will A Santa Claus Rally Save Us?

Time is running out…the clock is ticking.  And traders on Wall Street aren’t seeing sugar plum fairies dancing in their dreams.

The phrase “Santa Claus Rally” is when the stock market rallies during the month of December.

So far, Santa’s not looking too good.

Is it because we’ve been naughty in 2018?


The markets don’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice.  And they especially don’t care about your feelings nor about what you Hope will happen by the year end.

Stock market rallies are attributable to the collective psychology of market participants.  Some years are better than others. 

However, this collective psychology is often a tool used by the “Club” during the Christmas season to manipulate prices.

They know the majority of small investors are more concerned with keeping the retail sector alive on life support and the sales on big screen TVs.

This allows them to take advantage of wild market swings with their computer based High Frequency Trading Algorithms.

Question:  Have you ever wondered what (or who) causes the crazy 1,600-point daily swings in the market?

Wall Street’s bought-and-paid-for media would have you believe the crazy swings in the market are a result from the back and forth rumblings like “The Tariff agreement is off,” or “The tariff agreement is back on.”

These are merely distractions that enable the Algo’s (HFT’s) to whipsaw stocks while taking pennies for themselves on every trade.

The market’s end result for 2018 will likely be flat but the boyz in the “Club” will (once again) pocket a fortune.

Learn how to make the most of a Santa Claus rally (HERE).

And sing along with us:  “Weeee can harrrrdly stand the wait, please Christmas don’t beee late.”

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