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You NAILED It James Thank You


Thankfully we get more encouraging emails from our supporters than we do from haters out there.

So, we decided to share this one from Jeff in Ohio.

In Jeff’s words:

“James, recently I went back to your December newsletter where you made Crazy Predictions for 2020, and you ABSOLUTELY nailed it, man.  Thank you for your uncanny insight.”


The following is what Jeff was referring to from the December issue of “…In Plain English:”




Crazy Prediction #1

This Time Could Very Well be Different


You’ve heard me say many times before how I hate hearing people say “This time is different.”


The root of that statement usually comes from frustrated investors who only see things from their local or regional perspective.  They don’t understand how market cycles work and are constantly hoping that the markets will cooperate with their biased opinions.

99% of the time they are wrong.

However, in 2020 that elusive 1% may prove that “This time is different.”


Never before in recorded history have we seen so many economic, political, and financial nightmares (pension crisis, bankrupt nations, the global bond market bubble) coming together on a global scale.

When you combine this with the accelerating loss of confidence in governments around the world, protests, riots, civil unrest, and countless ongoing wars, you have the making of something like we’ve never seen before.

In other words, we’re looking at “The Mother of All Financial Crisis” raising its ugly head in 2020.

Preparing for this one is a tough call.  Mostly because it looks as if nothing will be safe and there will be nowhere to run.

However, smart money always seeks a safe harbor.




Thanks for your encouraging words, Jeff.

Admittedly the events of 2020, The Year of Chaos, have gone waaaayyyyy beyond what we were expecting with ripple effects that are mind-numbing.

However, this confirms to us that one of our other predictions about 2020 will present you with an opportunity of a lifetime.

Especially for those with ears to hear.

Don’t miss it:



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