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Wearing a Mask Violates God’s Word


This is guaranteed to infuriate some of you.

New laws commands requiring you to wear masks at all times in public establishments is another way of ramping up the fear-mongering over the The Greatest Hoax in History.

It’s conveniently linked to the impending 2nd Wave of the Black Plague CoronaFraud – “Coming to a Theater Near You Soon” – and setting the stage for another Global Lockdown.

Are you ready for self-imprisonment again?

Interestingly enough, these new “ordinances” include a list of exemptions.

In south Florida, the exemptions clearly state: #7  Persons for whom wearing a facial covering conflicts with their religious beliefs or practices.

Ironically (or NOT) Muslims have used this to their advantage from the beginning.  They’ve been allowed to assemble to worship while the rest of us have been told we can’t go to church.

Clearly this is in violation of the 1st Amendment…but let’s not go there now.

Instead, let’s look at how wearing a mask violates conflicts with the religious beliefs or practices of the largest religious group in America…namely, Christians.

In the book of Romans chapter 14 v 23 it clearly states:  “… for whatsoever is not of faith is sin.”

The word ‘whatsoever’ means all-encompassing or nearly ‘anything.’ So, anything that is not of faith is sin.

Let’s apply that to the egregious law of forcing you to wear a mask.

Wearing a mask – whether it’s from intimidation or imposed guilty feelings that you’re selfish and will kill everyone around you by not wearing one – is an admission of fear.

Fear is the opposite of faith.

Since, according to God’s Word, not operating in faith is sin, the requirement of wearing a mask is forcing you to sin.

When you apply this to the Word of God, it clearly conflicts with your religious beliefs and exempts you under the law.

That’s so simple, you need to have someone help you to misunderstand it.

What’s not so simple is understanding how you’re being deceived by an nefarious evil agenda of fear to force you into submission.

When governments destroy their economies, they force the sheeple to cry out to be rescued…Hint! Hint!

It may seem subtle, however, the command of “Just Wear the Mask” becomes “Just Take the Vaccine” or “Just Snitch on Your Neighbor” and then, “Just Get in the Boxcar.”

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