December 2022
December 4, 2022

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"It's Not Just About Finance"

You Know You Shouldn’t Buy it, But…

This email is for all of you out there who’ve bought a stock thinking “I just know this is gonna be a winner” and it turned out to be a loser.

Don’t feel bad.

99% of all investors make this classic mistake and usually make it more than once.

You see, the problem starts when you let your emotions guide your decision-making process.

You’ll say things like “I just have a good feeling about this one” or “My cousin Eddie knows a lot about business and he says…”

Stop it!

The market doesn’t care about your feelings or instincts.  In fact, it takes advantage of them.

Emotions, when investing, enables the boyz in the “Club” to pick your pockets time after time.

They play on your emotions via their lap-dog media presstitutes and/or the gurus always hawking their own book.

In other words, when some guru is all jacked up about a stock, they’re usually trying to draw you in so they can unload their positions at a profit to an unsuspecting public before the stock tanks.

That’s when you’ll hear investors lament: “Every time I buy a stock it always seems to go down.”

Sounding familiar?

Again, don’t feel bad.

We’ve all been there, done that.

How many of you have made the same mistake when you jump from one mutual fund (or ETF) to another?

That’s right, you read Money Magazines annual “Mutual Fund of the Year Award” (or some other similar garbage) and switch your investments around.

Big mistake…Huge.

Almost without exception, the “Fund of the Year” will be a dud in the following years.


The fund manager will likely be lured away to manage a new fund,  pocketing multiple millions in upfront money.

Meanwhile, you’re stuck with a loser.

In our November newsletter, we show you how to beat the crap out of most money managers by buying individual stocks…NOT mutual funds or ETF’s

See for yourself HERE.

And forward this email to a friend who’s made the same mistakes.

They’ll thank YOU later.

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