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Is Sudden Death to Apple Suppliers Normal?

In just the last six weeks, everyone’s favorite stock (Apple) is down almost 20%.

Supposedly it was a result of their recent 3rd quarter earnings report (that just happen to look like the previous three quarters).

Is there a problem or is this the annual “scare the suppliers’ tactics?”

Just three months ago, the world celebrated Apple’s achievement of a historic milestone: becoming the first company in the world to reach a $1 trillion market capitalization.

But don’t feel to bad, Apple will survive…for now.

However, their decline is causing their suppliers to be systematically destroyed.

This is what happens when you depend on a giant mercenary organization for your livelihood.  (See how Apple destroys companies HERE).

The question you should be asking is: “Is the writing on the wall for APPLE?”

Since Steve Jobs died, Tim Cook is nothing more than a janitor of the barn where the cows are being milked dry. Under Cook’s leadership there have been no revolutionary new products introduced.

Apple’s simply tweaking its old product line to justify more price increases.

However, they are now meeting price resistance in the market place and competition from Chinese phone makers such as Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, and Xiaomi.

Here’s the rub…The Chinese are now producing high end phones that are comparable to iPhones in terms of features and performance but sell for half the price.

Regulation in the USA is currently keeping lots of Chinese phones away. When that’s over, Apple’s gonna become another Nokia.

Meanwhile, Apple’s disregard for their suppliers may come back to haunt them.

Does Apple’s slump mean the best economy ever has peaked?

Enquiring minds want to know.

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