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Mad Max(ine) Takes on the Banksters

Noted Economist, Maxine Waters (who’s scheduled to take over the powerful House Financial Services Committee when the new Congress convenes in January) laid down the law of what will and WON’T happen under Democrat rule.

“Make no mistake, come January, in this committee the days of this committee weakening regulations and putting our economy once again at risk of another financial crisis will come to an end,” Waters said.

In some weird way, I kind of agree with her.

However, I’ve lived long enough to see that threats of regulation or de-regulation are always followed by a massive influx of money into the coffers of the party making the threat.

To prove this point, ask yourself:  “Who repealed the Glass-Steagall Act?” (Bill Clinton…which opened the doors for Wall Streets plundering of America, leading to the melt-down in 2008)

Then ask yourself “Who enacted Dodd- Frank?” (Obama…which not only let the Wall Street criminals off the hook by passing the losses on to us taxpayers, it’s enabled them to leverage their balance sheets to mind-boggling heights.  This will lead us into the next melt-down).

Isn’t it odd that both of these Presidents, who were poor and/or broke, are now worth hundreds of millions of dollars?

Rest assured that Mad Maxine is gonna make it clear that these banksters won’t get away with that kind of crap under her watch.

You can almost hear her saying, “The next time you see a banker at a restaurant or a gas station, you go get a mob and go after them…”

Inciting violence is one of her more notable traits that will surely go over well on Wall Street (Sarc).

It’s hard to tell how big the payoff will be for the Militant Money Hungry Maxine.

Maybe she’ll use some of that money to help her own district

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