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You Don’t Tug on Superman’s Cape

Do you remember that old Jim Croce song from the early 70’s, You Don’t Mess Around With Jim?

If you do, sing along:

“You don’t Tug on Superman’s Cape

“You don’t spit into the wind.”

“You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger,”

“And you don’t mess around with Jim the trend.”


The song is about a badass street hustler from 42nd street that everyone fears.

But it’s also like any trend that dominates Wall Street.  If you try to fight the trend, it’s almost a sure bet you will lose.

Since 2008, the trend that’s frustrated most investors is being called the MOST HATED BULL MARKET IN HISTORY.

The reason for the hatred is because most investors have been sitting on the sidelines picking their nose and waiting for the markets to crash again so they can “get back in.”

They’ve missed one of the greatest markets in history…and the Wall Street “club” is laughing all the way to the bank.

Now, all you hear (from nearly every media outlet) is how the markets are going to crash “any day now.”

These fools are all wrong.

They don’t consider that TRENDS take a long time to develop and, quite often, a longer time to reverse.

Instead of riding the trend, they want to fight it and complain.

Here’s an important rule to remember about Wall Street:  The majority is always wrong…and it must be that way for a trend to change.

The key to understanding trends is learning how to connect the dots ahead of the crowd.

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