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Never Lose More Than 20%…LOL

Can you believe it?

The 30th anniversary of “The Crash” is upon us.

October 19,1987 is when the Dow dropped 508 points in one day losing 22.6% of its value.  (To put that in today’s numbers, it would be equal to losing over 5,100 points in one day)

What’s funny is, if you’ve seen or heard ads about “How to use Stop Loss Sell Orders” to limit your losses and “lock-in” your profits, you’ll know they are flat out lying to you.

Anyone who lived through the crash of ’87 knows what I’m talking about.

If, on that fateful day, you had stop loss orders in place, you most likely didn’t get the price you were expecting.  In fact, you probably got a price substantially lower than you wanted.

(Note…Stop and Stop-Loss/Limit orders are designed for investors who want to limit their losses in a declining market by selling at a pre-determined price.)

The reason Stop orders failed was because there were no buyers for most stocks at ANY price…They just kept on falling.

The crash was blamed on computers.  But that’s another lie the “Club” told the presstitutes to tell the public.

So, that’s why I laugh when I hear some of today’s so-called Gurus tell you how you can avoid such losses with their “fail-safe” system.  They’re almost as bad as thieves in the “Club.”  They’ll tell you that things have changed in the market…and are “different this time.”

Once again, I’ll remind you, It’s Never Different.

No buyers means, NO BUYERS…at any price.

Eventually all markets fall hard.  (But rarely fall when everyone’s expecting them to)

You need a better strategy than Stop orders.

What’s your “Plan B?”

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