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Yet, One More Reason to Hate ETF’S

The cretins on Wall Street never cease to amaze me.

They constantly come up with creative ways to help separate you from your hard-earned dollars.  And the ETF bandwagon is the biggest perpetrator of this outright theft.

I’m specifically referring to the increasing number of fund managers filing for “Bitcoin ETF’s.”

Look at the most recent announcement by Rex Capital Management LLC.

According to the filing: “The funds are actively managed and are not expected to invest directly in bitcoin. As such, the funds can be expected to perform differently from the performance of the bitcoin.

Hold on!  Let’s see if I got this right.

I can see the carnival barker speaking to the crowd through his megaphone saying:

“If you want to invest in Bitcoin (but don’t understand anything about it) in the form of an ETF (exchange traded fund) leave it up to Sexy Rexy LLC to do the heavy lifting for you.”

“We don’t understand Bitcoin either so we’re not actually going to buy it for you.  And don’t expect us to give you any real return for your investment.  We’re just taking advantage of the sex appeal of Bitcoin so we can steal more of your money.”


All I can say is: “C’MON, MAN!”

Who are they kidding?

Are you starting to see why I hate most ETF’s?  If not, then read the two previous posts about ETF’s (HERE) and (HERE).

They’re flat-out telling you they WON’T be buying Bitcoin.  But they will buy Bitcoin derivatives (whatever that’s supposed to mean).

…And the fraud just keeps on rollin’.

Stay away from this crap.

And learn why you should avoid most ETF’s.  (HERE)

You’ll thank us later.

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