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Why Isn’t This Front Page News?

Maybe it was because of Hurricane Irma.  Or possibly Korea, Trump, Russia, (any other major distraction) stole the spotlight of the Fake Stream Media.

But how else do you explain why the US governments announcement (ironically on 09/11) of the national debt breaking through the $20 Trillion mark, was ignored by most of the news outlets.

Our $20.1 Trillion debt is now larger than the total US economy.

Why aren’t they reporting this?  More importantly, what are they hiding?

They obviously don’t want you to know the truth but I’m going to give it to you straight.

Some frightening facts are, nearly 90% of all US government spending falls into four categories.

  • Social Security
  • Medicare
  • Military spending
  • Interest on our debt

What are the chances of politicians cutting Social Security or Medicare?

I’d say “slim-to-none.” (and slim’s already left town)

Cut military spending?  LOL!  The politicians are proposing a 10% increase for the next fiscal year.

What about the interest on our debt?

That’s the biggest joke of all.

Based on our tax revenues, we can’t even begin to pay the interest.

So, that means 90% of the federal budget is here to stay.

And that means they’ll come after you and me (with reckless abandon) in the form of MORE TAXES.

The sad part is, our debt has been growing THREE TIMES faster than our economy.  And that’s the opposite of what needs to happen.

This problem is not going away.

And you’d be crazy to think that our nation’s massive debt problem will continue without consequences.

At the same time, there’s no need to panic.

But you should have a “Plan B.”

Go (HERE) for answers.


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