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Another Reason to Hate ETF’s

This email is definitely going to offend some of you.  (It has religious overtones so, get ready.)

In my 35+ years on Wall Street I thought I’d seen it all.

Ah, but the “Club” has no shame.  They’re now playing the “religious card” to appeal to investors.

They’ve recently created the “Biblical Values” ETF.  (symbol BLES)

It’s supposedly different than the “Catholic Values” ETF (symbol, CATH) that’s been trading since early 2016.

By the way, the top ten holdings in CATH are:

  • Apple 2) Microsoft 3) Amazon 4) Facebook 5) ExxonMobil 6) United Healthcare 7) Berkshire Hathaway 8) JPMorgan 9) Google Cl.A, and 10) Google CL.C.

Please explain to me how these ten stocks reflect Catholic Values.

Didn’t Jesus (The Prince of Peace) make a whip and wreaked havoc on all the big banks money-changers in the Temple?  (note: Catholic Values didn’t exist back then)

But I digress.

This new “Biblical Values” ETF claims they will be even more conservative than CATH.   They’ll avoid companies that support issues such as LGBTQ or other issues they deem “Un-Biblical.”

All I can say is:  C’MON, MAN!  WHO ARE THEY KIDDING?  Wall Street is the epitome of Un-Biblical.   

Stop it, PLEASE.  I can’t stand the hypocrisy.

And you shouldn’t either.

What should offend you most is that the “Club” knows they can effectively market this garbage to the public.

It gives them fuel to their claim they are doing “God’s work.”

I gotta stop now.  My blood pressure’s rising.

If you want more proof as to why you should avoid most ETF’s, be sure to get the next issue of Simplifying Wall Street in Plain English.  In it we’ll show you the best alternatives that don’t involve all the hypocrisy. (LINK)

Invest confidently,


P.S.  Sometimes you just gotta scream to wake everyone up.  (LINK)


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