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Will Panic Begin After Trump Sentence?

The corrupt New York Court system has conveniently scheduled the Trump sentence for July 11.


And we say ‘Convenient’ because the Boyz planned the sentencing days before the Republican National Convention…where Trump was expected to be nominated as the party’s candidate.


He is facing up to four years imprisonment for each charge with a maximum sentence of 20 years.





Ironically (or NOT) denying Americans the right to choose their next leader, has only led to an increase in his popularity.


And we wonder if this could be the breaking point for Americans who can no longer stand living under the oppressive Biden-Harris regime?


In their pathetic attempt to humiliate Trump, the public perception has turned in his favor.




And the MAGA extremists – the alleged most dangerous threat to our country – have held peaceful protests and managed to raise over $200 million within the first three days of his conviction.



Will Panic Begin in July?



The rest of the world is responding in shock over the kangaroo court proceedings and especially the outcome.


As a result, it’s hard not to imagine that panic awaits the globe in July.


And as the world watches the “land of the free” attempt to imprison a former president, they are also waking up to realization that the pandemic was planned and fabricated (Cough! Fauci admitting he “Made Up” Covid mandates and protocols, Cough, Hairball Cough!).


But that is another story for another time.

Back to the Trump sentencing… This may be the catalyst that begins a contagion across the world.




People around the world are waking up from their COVID daze.

And they are realizing that their elected officials have turned their nations into dictatorships led by a globalist cabal that is swiftly ripping away our liberties.


And if the Trump trials are not a slap in the face, then I don’t know what is.


Because it begs the question:  If they could do this to a former president, how much control do they have over the average citizen? 






As we have said, many times in the past, the markets factor events in months before they actually occur.


And the markets are always right.


This explains a lot of what we have been seeing lately and what we can expect as panic begins after the Trump sentencing.


The question remains:  How are you prepared to deal with it?


Find out in our upcoming June issue of “…In Plain English” (HERE).




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