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Limited Nuclear War With Russia?


In case you missed it, we reported last week how the Neocons running the White House have basically approved limited nuclear war with Russia.


Ironically (or NOT) news about approving shooting nukes into Russia from Ukraine was lost covered-up in the shuffle over the kangaroo court case verdict of Trump being guilty on 34 felony counts.


As a result, we are on the edge of World War III (WW3) because Western nations are nearing default on national debts.

They NEED war as a distraction.


And the West has already declared war on Russia to try to prevent civil uprisings of a debt crisis of historic proportions.


Limited Nuclear War



These morons/Neocons believe they can attain “Limited Nuclear War” with Russia by shooting nukes from Ukraine without collateral damage.


Unfortunately, there will be no Ukraine left when the Neocons are done with their blood lust to cover up the biggest Sovereign Debt Default in history.


Because the Neocon warmongers view the Ukrainian people as expendable.


Germany has acknowledged they are looking to call up 900,000 for military service.

And that the draft age will be up to 60 years old.


TRANSLATION:  The West has its agenda and they do not care about you or your future.


Zelensky says he is fighting for democracy but he suspended his election.




Because he would be voted out.


There is NO democracy in Ukraine… it is a dictatorship as a vasal state of NATO.


And to think that we can have a limited nuclear war with Russia is just plain insane.


But that’s what the Boyz in the District of Caligula will be selling the public in the near future.

How near?


Before the election for sure, but now that we have nukes in Ukraine, it’s only a matter of time before they start using them.

And it won’t be the Ukrainians shooting them because they don’t know how.

That’s why we have more “Advisers” in Ukraine.


READMore Military Advisers to Ukraine  (HERE).


Are the markets factoring in a nuclear assault?


Find out more in our June edition of “…In Plain English” (HERE).


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