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Proof Fauci Lied, People Died


It comes as no surprise to us that we are now seeing proof how Fauci lied and people died as a result.


And from the beginning of the Covid Hoax we labeled him as Dr. Frauduci.


In fact, we were practically pounding the table on exposing this fraud way back in 2021.


READ:  Why Won’t They Expose Frauduci?  September 20. 2021 (HERE)


And now with all the Senate hearings into Dr. Evil’s past we are witnessing, firsthand, how he also gained financially from the fraud.


Back then we said how:


  1. Frauduci covered up HIV as a bioweapon in the 80s
  2. He also covered up the real treatments for HIV
  3. In addition, he covered up for the FAKE HIV treatments that killed people
  4. Covered up the Cancer Virus that infects vaccine stockpiles across the world
  5. Created the “Gain of Function” in C-19 and preceding strains
  6. Was instrumental in creating the current vaccines
  7. This is not the first time Frauduci has been involved in Pandemics
  8. And he is directly connected to the world elites who all help fund him



Roll the clock forward to today’s hearings and we are hearing him admit how:


  • Frauduci lied about 6 ft. social distancing
  • Frauduci lied about masks
  • Frauduci lied about Ivermectin
  • Frauduci lied about the lab leak
  • Frauduci lied about lockdowns
  • Frauduci lied about natural immunity
  • Frauduci lied about gain of function
  • Frauduci lied about the vaccines
  • Frauduci lied about the vaccine side effects
  • Frauduci lied about the deadly hospital protocol



Shall I go on?


So, the Fraudmeister is slowly admitting the truth – he “made up” COVID mandates and protocols.


As a result: 



Fauci Lied and People Died




What a can of worms…or maybe we should say “Pandora’s Box.”


But do you remember how they told us we must stay precisely six feet away from one another?


And they had the distancing marked on floors across the world.

Businesses and schools shuttered because “the science” told us we could not interact.

Humans were not to interact with other humans, all because “the science” said so.


And this creep had the balls to say:  ‘You know, I don’t recall. It sort of just appeared,’


Frauduci said he was unaware of ANY study that indicated social distancing could prevent the disease from spreading.


Proving, once again, that COVID was a lie.


When he was asked, was there any evidence for school closures or masking children?

Frauduci said he does not recall any specific studies saying that masking children would be effective.


But at the same time, the World Health Organization suggested that children should oftentimes wear masks in their own homes.

The world was placed on house arrest at the whim of “the science” and suffered greatly.


Our society has changed entirely due to the pandemic.

And the world economy has changed due to the pandemic.


Unfortunately, we can never go back or regain that time.


And now that the proof is out in the open, we can only hope to do the right things from here on out to prevent the fraud from happening again.


We have a lot to say about this in our June “…In Plain English” Newsletter (HERE).


Don’t miss it.


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