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Will “Fat Finger Frenzy” Strike in 2018?

Okay, what the heck does “Fat Finger Frenzy” mean?

It’s a euphemism for trades that can’t be logically explained.

At the same time, it destroys “reprices” a certain asset substantially lower.  (In Plain English, it kills the price because someone won’t take their “Fat Finger” off the sell button).

This happens more than you realize but it’s rarely mentioned in Fake Stream Media.  Instead, it’s treated like a non-event.

“Nothing to see here, move along.”

Typically, it happens when you’re asleep (Like Sunday night during overseas trading) which is another reason it gets very little attention.

Gold is usually the main target of the Fat Finger Frenzy.

Ex: Last month someone decided to sell $2.2 Billion of paper gold in under ONE MINUTE.  (That’s about 50 TONS or 1.8 Million ounces of gold.)

Wait!  What?

How many people have 50 tons of gold sitting around?  Even if they did, who in their right mind would suddenly decide to sell all 50 tons in one minute?

The answer?

NO ONE would do something so stupid.  Any trader with half a brain would feed their gold into the market in small increments.

Here’s the secret…they don’t actually sell physical gold, they sell paper gold in the form of futures contracts.

So, “Who done it?”

The only group with the clout to sell that much paper gold are the central banks. (banksters)

“Why would they do that?”

By keeping the price of gold lower, they’re allowing a HUGE player to stuff their coffers at a major discount.

Someone is buying tons (literally) of gold.  And 2018 should handsomely reward gold investors.

How much do you own?

Learn how to profit from owning gold AND mining stocks in 2018.




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