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Why Millennials Love Communism

Before the hate mail starts please, don’t think I believe all millennials love communism.

After all, they are the future leaders of the world…Gulp!

And they’re being handed a horrific mess in the form of insurmountable government and personal debt (which most likely ends up in default).

When you toss in rising health care costs, funding social security (which won’t be around when they retire) and a multitude of global threats to our nations security, it’s not hard to see why many love communism.

However, this is a dangerous and ugly trend that needs to be reversed ASAP.

Communism/Socialism/Marxism has NEVER worked.

Yet, our kids are being brainwashed by our educational system into believing this horrible agenda is “for the good of man.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Instead of being taught “critical thinking,” our kids are being taught to blindly accept what’s currently considered politically correct.

Instead of questioning “WHY” things are so messed up today, millennials are being shamed if they try to discuss divergent views.

Kids tend to believe what they’re taught and, unfortunately, most professors are Socialists.  Add to that the influence of sources like Hollyweird, the Fake Stream Media, government propaganda, and social media.

(Why do so many people believe what they read on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.?)

It all comes down to a couple of things:

  • Who do you believe?

  • Why do you believe them?

Mostly, it has to do with common sense.  Unfortunately, common sense is not very common.

Our January issue of Simplifying Wall Street in Plain English features a column on showing Millennials how to think critically.

Get a copy of it (HERE).

You (and your kids) will thank us later.

P.S.  Feel Free to share this email to someone who has Millennial children…They’ll thank YOU later.


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