December 2022
December 2, 2022

Financials Matter

"It's Not Just About Finance"

You Can’t Change What You Don’t Understand


If you want great investment results in 2018 you’ll need to remember one simple thing.

It’s an old Wall Street adage: “The Trend is Your Friend.”

Unfortunately, most people just don’t get it.  They argue with stupid rationale saying: “Yeah, but this time is different.”

That’s laughable because history proves it’s NEVER different.  “Trends” take a long time to develop and, sometimes longer to change or reverse.

The markets are ALWAYS right.

Until you understand that, you’ll be frustrated. (And lose money).

Remember we’re living through the Most Hated Bull Market in History.  And, like it or not, your opinion about it AIN’T GONNA CHANGE IT.

What needs to change is your thinking process.

Have you ever heard the saying: “If you want to change something about your life, you have to change something about your life?”

Yes, it sounds redundant but it’s simplicity is profound.

Read it again slowly and you’ll see what I mean.

Go ahead…I’ll wait.

Please, understand this:  The bought and paid for Fake Stream Media bombards you with reasons why the market’s going to crash.


They do what their overlords tell them to do.

To prove they’re lying, all you need to do is observe one simple trend.  Since 2008, money has been flowing into our markets by the billions from all over the world.


Money ALWAYS finds a safe harbor.

Like it or not, we’re still the safest place on the planet.

That ain’t gonna change any time soon…and with the new Trump Tax Reform, the Billions will become Trillions.

Learn how to make 2018 the year “to rethink everything” (HERE)

You’ll thank us later.

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