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Will European “Pearl Harbor” Be in Poland?

The fact that Putin said (in the Carlson interview) he was not interested in invading Poland is probably why a “false flag” will be in Poland.




Because a False Flag must involve Poland so the Neocons can call Putin a liar.


And it will be Europe’s Pearl Harbor.


Last month we wrote about how, after eight years of peace, Poland has become a Pro War/Pro EU government.



READ:  Poland Prepares for War  January 16, 2024 (HERE).




And according to an article in Rumble (January 2024) super American Neocon Victoria (F**k the EUNuland had a plan to destroy a nuclear power plant and blame Russia.


It didn’t happen…at least not yet.

But the Neocons are desperate to start a war before the 2024 election because they’re starting to see how Trump might win.


As a result, Nuland recently confirmed her lust for war by saying on CNNWe will ‘tighten the noose’ on Putin.


So, what is that supposed to mean, Vic?


Because the markets are telling a different story.




It all goes back to the Wall Street adage “Follow the Money.”



Because we’re currently seeing a shift/change in monetary flows between Europe and the USA.

And if the February highs hold up this week, then it’s quite possible that we will see a decline into the month of May.



Will War be in Poland?



And if war breaks out in Poland, we’ll see the acceleration of Capital Flows shift out of Europe and to the USA.


In the meantime, we hope Europe doesn’t impose capital controls because that will only make things worse.


But, no one ever accused European leadership of doing anything right in the last few decades.


And now European nations are realizing that they made a grave mistake by opening their doors to countless migrants who do not share the same culture or values.


As a result, they are now facing mass deportations.

Meanwhile, NATO has staged the largest military exercise in European history, all to provoke Russia.

Creating a Pearl Harbor in Europe is the perfect distraction to justify the EU defaulting on their debt.

And it will set the stage for other nations (Cough! Japan, Cough! Cough! USA) to follow suit.


And it will disrupt the markets.


Learn how to prepare for these events in our March issue of “…In Plain English” (HERE).


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