April 14, 2024

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Poland Prepares for War

As of this past weekend, the world has become more unstable as Poland prepares for War.




Not only is Poland preparing for war but they also issued a new directive that if you are called for military service, you have just 6 hours to report.


6 hours?




And the penalty for failure to report is three years in prison.


But! But!…what if you can’t make it on time?


Without being too tolerant for excuses, the Polish government says if you cannot make it there in 6 hours, you must call the commander and explain why.


And then if you fail to show up and avoid military service, you will be imprisoned for five years.


So, imagine you are a young Polish man working a regular job or in school and you get the notice that you must report for military duty within the next 6 hours.


What are you going to do?


As Poland Prepares


But the real question should be: Why suddenly is Poland so serious about preparing for war?


Maybe it has something to do with the fact that after eight years Poland has Pro War/Pro EU government.


Calls for protest against this new Pro EU government are widespread.


And the media is hiding the thousands of protesters who oppose the new government taking directives from foreign organizations that will take Poland into a disastrous war with Russia.


What most people don’t realize is in the past Poland has remained firm about not taking in foreign refugees.

And addition to Denmark, nations like Poland and Hungary have been condemned for their “far-right” policies by preventing a mass influx of migrants.


Poland’s former MP Dominik Tarczynski has been extremely outspoken about forbidding Muslims from entering his nation.


But that’s not going to change the direction they are unfortunately on.


Because last October Poland’s shift to the corrupt globalist agenda became obvious in their parliamentary elections.


And it looks like our story from November 2022 about Poland is starting to surface again in the face of war.


READRussian Missile in Poland or Ukraine False Flag?  (HERE).


Any way you want to look at it this does not bode well for Poland.


And the corruption adds gasoline to the fire of desperation for Europe to descend into WW3 sometime in 2024.


As a result, you can expect a significant shift in assets (dollars) out of Europe and into our markets in 2024.


Learn how to take advantage of it (HERE).


Share this with a friend…especially if they know anyone who lives in Poland that could be affected by this.


They’ll thank YOU later.


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