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Saturday Rant…How Empires End

History (throughout history) has been consistent in illustrating how empires end.


And we are no different.


Even our current migrant crisis is another example of history repeating itself.


Question:  Why does history repeat?

Answer:  Because the passions of man never change.


With that in mind we have one of our favorite ranters (Scoob Martin) weighing in on a combination of our current migrant crisis on top of our nation’s pension crisis.


So, take it away, Scoobie…




James, it never ceases to amaze me how stupid people are when it comes to historical examples of how empires end.

And the most obvious one, staring us in the face, is how Rome crumbled with their migrant crisis.

The reason I highlight the migrant crisis is that we are mirroring Rome as we are shelling out billions of dollars every month to support a new influx of people who have also never contributed to the system. 


Government agencies (with our dollars) are providing them with “free” shelter, food, debit cards, and more.

 Then, they decided to prevent these very people from obtaining working permits to ensure the select few with good intentions cannot ween off government/taxpayers.

Add in our current pension crisis (THAT NO ONE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT) and we have a major recipe for disaster like what happened in Rome.

BTW… Pensions and health care were the major issues burdening American cities long before Washington required taxpayers to bankroll the 10+ million new illegal residents. 

But thanks to the distractions de jour from the bought-and-paid-for Presstitutes, no one is putting 2 + 2 together.

Allow me to do the math for you…

First, Governments cannot pay government employees because of lack of funding.

Second, so they have sought to suck in everybody else to cover up their losses via more taxes.

Third, before 2032, there will be more people on retirement from government than actual employed workers.

And Fourth, the government must continue to raise our taxes because they are incapable of creating reform.

Not Good.

And just like Rome, our pension crisis will not end nicely.

 Because when the Roman government could no longer afford to pay the army, it began sacking Roman cities that opposed their general.

They turned inward and cannibalized their own cities, weakening the entire empire, thereby allowing the barbarians to come through the gates.

Sounding familiar?

Sadly, this is how all empires end.

But that’s why I appreciate how you offer solutions to these inevitable events in your monthly newsletters.

Keep up the good work by giving us all hope, James.




Thanks, Scoob for your kind words.

Our offer for you to be on our staff still stands.


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Invest with confidence.
James Vincent
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