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Why You Shouldn’t Believe Financial News

This is an easy topic for me.

And it should be for you, too.

As an investor, you should understand one basic thing.  Wall Street is NOT your friend.

Simple enough?

Good.  And when you understand that, you’ll discover that the Financial News is owned and operated by the elite “Club” who only seeks to enrich themselves.

“But, but…the people on TV are very smart and…”

STOP, right there.

The “experts” you see on TV are reading scripts from a teleprompter.  They seem so smart and sincere because they are highly overpaid actors.

I’ll bet you that the vast majority of them have never been traders.  Yet they talk a good game.

Compare this with any other profession.

Would you choose a surgeon who “talks really well” but doesn’t have experience?

How about a lawyer (they’re good talkers) who’s never faced a jury?  Or an accountant who’s never dealt with the IRS?

Yet we listen to someone on TV who “sounds great” and take their advice.

At Financials Matter, we have over 107 years of experience working on Wall Street.

And we share our experiences with you in easy to understand terms via our newsletter Simplifying Wall Street In Plain English.

Grab a copy and see for yourself (HERE).

You’ll see why you can’t trust the financial media…and you’ll no longer get hustled by the Wall Street professionals.


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