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Global Chess or Barroom Checkers?

The statistics don’t lie.

Over time, the little guy loses more than they win.

It’s a sad reality, but it’s true.

Have you ever wondered why the average guy constantly gets beat up in the market?

The answer is simple.

It’s like the difference between playing chess and checkers.

Both games require strategy.  However, the chess player’s strategy requires seeing a much bigger picture.

To be more specific, think of investing as a global chess game instead of a local barroom checkers match.

Then ask yourself, which one are you playing?

I can assure you that “The Club” (who runs Wall Street behind the scenes) plays global chess.

So, how do you compete in that arena?

The easy answer is (HERE).

Every month our newsletter “Simplifying Wall StreetIn Plain English” features insight into how the global chess game is played.

We show you how to understand and play global chess.

So, instead of looking at investing like everyone else, imagine yourself connecting the dots of a financial puzzle.

Once you see the picture, two things happen:

  • You’ll have more confidence (especially when making important decisions)
  • Your investment results will go through the roof

Who wouldn’t want that?

We’ve named our newsletter “Simplifying Wall Street…In Plain English” for a reason…We don’t want to impress or confuse you with fancy words. We want you to understand it. (Read More…)

You’ll thank us later.


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