Financials Matter

"It's Not Just About Finance"

So Thelma Turns to Louise and Says…

“Let’s just keep going.”

Ironically, the average investor does the same thing.

And those become the proverbial famous last words.

You see, most people fail to see how the market ALWAYS sends out warning signs before some major event.

I’m not talking about “black swan” surprises or terrorist attacks.  I’m talking about legitimate warning signs.

Take the Crash of 1987 for example.  Most investors “never saw it coming” (but it was telegraphed waaaayyyyy in advance). (LINK)

When the damage was done, the guy on the street believed the media-fabricated story about it being a “computer failure.”

That was a lie…and a cover-up.

Therein lies the problem.

These lying media bastards are masters of deception.

As a result, we miss important warning signs and keep driving—right over the cliff.

So, wouldn’t it be nice (for a change) to see the warning signs in advance?  (LINK)


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