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Why Everyone Loves an Optimist

There’s an old saying:  “Everyone loves an optimist, even when he’s wrong.  But no one likes a pessimist, even when he’s right.”

So, if that’s true (and it is) why do we humans gravitate towards most of the negative news?

The answer is simple…negativity sells.

That’s why most media outlets thrive on gloom and doom.  They know you’ll tune in to hear how bad things are or how bad things are going to be when “this or that happens.”

During this negative conditioning process, you start to become numb to the day to day garbage and eventually expect the worst thing to happen.

And as another old saying goes: “You get what you expect.”

Then, when things get really bad, the bought and paid for presstitutes throw gasoline on the fire saying, “See!  We told you this would happen…”

And the sheeple say, “Oh, Waaaaahhh.  Things really are baaaaaadddd.”

However, there’s always an optimist out there who sees opportunity in adversity.  Unfortunately, their positive expectations are usually laughed at or shouted down by doomsayers.

Pay attention because I’m going to give you an important secret to help you make tons of money.

Here it is:

This same principle applies to investing in turbulent markets.

When market conditions are extremely bad, the lame stream media screams loudly at you.  As a result, you’ll miss some of the best opportunities available.

It’s hard to Listen to the optimist markets when the pessimist media is screaming at the top of their lungs.

You must condition yourself to hear the optimist.  When you do, you’ll understand why everyone hates the pessimist…even when he’s right.

Every month, we teach you how to see opportunity among adversity (HERE).

So, what are you waiting for?


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