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Exxon Fights Back…Conspiracy Theory or Fact

Exxon has finally taken the gloves off to combat a Global Warming Conspiracy Theory lawsuit against them.

You may not be a fan of big oil companies (neither am I) but Exxon’s recent actions are noteworthy.  And in this case, I like their approach.

They’re going after the lawyers that are suing them.  (including the attorney general of New York and Massachusetts)

What these Global Warming Kooks don’t realize is they’re actions are the root cause of how we get screwed at the gas pump.

In this particular case, the city of San Francisco has promised a 23.5% fee for any settlement to its lawyers.

Do the math.

If there’s a settlement of $10 Billion (not an unusually high fee for a high-profile lawsuit) the attorneys will get $2.35 Billion.

Who do you think will eventually pay for the settlement?

Bingo!  You and me.

This lawsuit/conspiracy originated about six years ago in what Exxon is calling “The La Jolla Playbook.”  (Google La Jolla Playbook and see for yourself).

What’s interesting is, this was recently reported by Bloomberg and the Insurance Journal last week (Feb 13th) without much fanfare.

Exxon is seeking to expose this conspiracy based on fake research from corrupt scientists who will say anything for the right price.

It’s time to expose these frauds and personally, I hope Exxon wins.

Let’s be honest, we’re dependent on oil and oil related products.  Without them, our standard of living will suffer tremendously.  And even though you might hate big oil companies, they still play an important role in our economy.

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