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How to Trade a Crazy Market Without Going Crazy

Don’t think for a moment that you can trade in a crazy market without losing.  In fact, you shouldn’t think you can trade in a normal market without losing some of the time.

What you need to know is how to trade in a crazy market without driving yourself crazy.  And 2018 has already established itself as a market that’s confusing even the most experienced veterans.

And I’m willing to bet you that before this year is over, more people will fall by the wayside because they “just can’t figure out the market.”

Have you ever said that before?

C’mon, tell the truth.  We’ve all said, or at least thought it at one point or another.

Normally, when markets get crazy, there is a “Flight to Quality” (or Flight to Safety) which usually means buying bonds.   But, so far in 2018, that’s not been the case.  (We wrote about that HERE).

In less than two months we’ve seen numerous flash crashes and huge market surges both in the same day.  Some gurus have said this is the “New Normal” for the markets.

We prefer to call it “volatility on Steroids.”

So, if this is the “new normal,” are you going attempt to trade this market or be content burying your head in the sand?

(Note, * unless you’re an ostrich, you’ll suffocate when you bury your head in sand).

Before you answer that question, you should read “The Trend is Still Your Friend…Until it Isn’t.”  (HERE)

Don’t be fooled.

The normal “Flight to Quality” may end up being your death trap.

Check it out (HERE).

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